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Meet Jimmy & Sherry Calder

"I have always been a farmer, not a wedding director or event manager, but I have a very nice horse barn that makes a unique event venue. I am grateful to my daughters and granddaughters who had a vision for this space. I love seeing the barn used and it dresses up nicely."

Jimmy B. Calder


Our Story

It’s a horse barn, and for many years we raised horses. I burned out with the horse hobby and the barn sat empty for several months. It's a nice high-quality built barn - too nice to sit empty. I racked my brain, but could not come up with anything to use the barn for but horses. While pondering, my sister called me. Her son was getting married and she wanted to have his rehearsal party in the barn. I said, "No, it’s a horse barn and it would not be big enough." She told me to clean the barn, we were going to have a party….the rest is history.

The barn was very pretty and the party was great. People had a wonderful time, and told me how beautiful the barn was and what a great space it was to host a party. Our granddaughter came to us after that party and told us she wanted to get married at the barn. So we got busy and built an outdoor event space. That was two years ago. 


I am grateful my sister Kim and my daughters and granddaughters had the vision that this barn, which we thought could only hold horses, could hold so much more. 


Our family has made beautiful memories here, and I know yours will too! - Jimmy & Sherry

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